Being a company geared for the constantly changing market conditions, we have tied up with reputable strategic partners to provide a one-stop solution to our valued clients. With our team of professionals, you can rest assure that we will meet your unique requirements with ideal solutions and results.

Energy Auditing & Management
Our team of engineers utilize high accuracy instrumentation complying to the industry’s best practices and BCA’s stringent requirement and adopts the IPMVP standard for performance measurement & verification of energy savings.
Energy and Green Mark Consultancy
We provide building owners with comprehensive gap analysis, submission of Design Score and As-Built Score calculations, preparation of periodic energy audit of building cooling systems report to comply with the code on environmental Sustainability Measures for new and existing buildings.
Energy Performance Contracting
For buildings and facilities intending to embark on any major energy-use change such as retrofitting of a central chilled water plant, SGE has the technical resources and expertise to provide them with a funded design & build solution that will guarantee that the savings realised will pay for the project cost.
Post-Retrofit Performance Monitoring & Maintenance
All plants and facilities retrofitted and optimised by SGE are dynamically monitored and selectively controlled using a complimentary mix of advanced sensors, communication protocols and smart algorithms to ensure that they are operated and maintained at the optimal level commensurate with a high level of energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
Chilled Water Service Provider
SGE assumes overall responsibility for your chilled water plant, including operation, maintenance and any replacement required over the contract period and supplies the building owner chilled water based on a competitive $/RTH. All costs, including electricity for running the entire chiller plant during the contract period will be borne by SGE.